Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Liquitone Octave Fuzz and other prototypes

 Octave Fuzz

This is the octave fuzz prototype I've build a year ago.
It is of the classic Octavia type to give you those classic Band of Gypsies-Hendrix tones,
octave up sounds around the 12th fret area, splattery gated fuzz tones and ring-modulator-like oscillating weirdness.
After a year of playing the thing I decided it is ready for production.
I am going to increase the space between the pins a little to make more room for the styro-cap and axial caps, and it will have neater wiring.

Germanium Treble-Booster

This is the prototype I built that has become a crucial part of my setup.
I can't imagine ever being without it.
It is a Range-Master type treble-bootser with a NOS OC45 germanium transistor.

Instead of having the 0.005uF cap it has a 0.01uF for a bit more low/mids.
I made the enclosure to attach it to the guitar-strap to minimize cable-length and thereby noise before being boosted.
This version has no bypass as I use it as an always-on device.

Now this version has my preference, but I am curious about what my customers would like.
Would you like;
-strap mounted, always-on
-strap mounted, bypass switch
-floor pedal, bypass foot-switch

-Fixed 0.005uF cap (Classic Rangemaster treble sound)
-Fixed 0.01uf cap (Fatter Black Sabbath sounds)
-Toggle/rotary switch to select between treble, mid or bass boost.

-Boost-level knob
-Hardwired to always full boost

Deluxe Tremolo

At the moment I am prototyping an added feature for my tremolo
It's a push/pull pot that will allow you blend in vibrato/harmonic tremolo into the standard tremolo sound with the knob pushed, and blend in phase tones with the knob pulled.
That's a wealth of new sounds with the addition of just one knob.

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