Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Questionnaire; Stereo Set-up

How many of you are using a Stereo set-up? 
And where in the chain does it split? 
I have build a dual-mono overdrive for myself cause I needed a drive pedal after my stereo-vibe and still keep the stereo effect. 
Have any of you ever been looking for such a thing? and would like to see it get into production?
(note; my own dual mono drive are 2 Wampler designed plexi-drives in parallel, this will not go into production. I will be designing my own FET drive if there is enough interest.)

On a related subject; Are there any type of effects beside overdrive/distortion you wished it had stereo-in and stereo-outs?


  1. I normally don't think in Stereo when im in guitar world. I've had a delay with stereo out but used it once or twice.

  2. Yes,that Akai headrush you gave me has the weirdest stereo splitting I have seen so far. all the delay-channels mute when the pedal is on bypass.