Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Questionnaire; Product-Range

Right now my product-range include;
-Germanium Treble Booster 

-Octave Fuzz 

-Vintage Vibe (Mono/Stereo, in a wah-shell) 
-Deluxe Stereo Vibe (separate box and expression pedal)

-Standard Tremolo
-Deluxe Tremolo (with 4-different tremolo/vibrato sounds)
-Deluxe Stereo Tremolo (still in conceptual phase, stereo in/out, 4-way mode switch for each   

Which of these has your biggest interest?
Which effect missing from this list would you like to see go into development?


  1. tremolo - with some functions
    Vibe with footpedal

    ps. Can;t you make a captain coconut kind of flagship? I would be really hot for that.

  2. I have done some sketches of a coconut kind of thing.
    It will be quite expensive so I thought making it a modular design so your not stuck with the types of effects in it. Thinking about Treble-Booster,octave-fuzz,tremolo,vibe,drive setup with the tremolo and vibe fixed and the rest swappable for different flavors of booster,fuzzes and drives.
    of course it would have a vibe-speed foot-pedal with cancel-switch at the heel as an option.
    which effects would you like to have in it Steven?