Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First Stereo Liquivibe Sound-tests

 Today I've been testing out the Stereo Liquivibe  and decided I might as well record some quick sound-samples.
There is a lot of noise in the recordings but chose not to filter out the 60hz hum cause that would also filter out the Vibe's characteristic low end .
These samples are in chorus mode only.
I'm not going to apologize for playing Hendrix songs for this test, it's just impossible not to with this type of effect :)

In the first track (Hendrix - Drifting) you can hear the difference between the Mono and Stereo modes. After a few phrases in Mono I switched to Stereo and began from the start.  It starts out in cancel position and after a few chords you can hear the effect coming in gradually, due to the fact that the oscillator's lamp needs about a second to heat up to shed light on the four surrounding photo-cells.

Track 2 is some random playing to test out the rotating speaker sounds in stereo mode, I'm changing speeds and use the cancel function to mimic a Leslie's Break-function.

Track 3 (Hendrix-Little Wing) shows why I prefer the cancel function to a real bypass function.
The gradual change from effect on and of sounds more naturally to me that if it would have been instant on/off.

Track 4 (Hendrix - Villanova Junction/Machine gun) lets you hear the classic mono chorus sounds the original Uni-vibe is famous for

Sound chain is a Squier classic vibe '60 stratocaster with volume on 6 into the Stereo Liquivibe into the  Dual Plexi Drive with drive on 12 o'clock into a 12w tweed deluxe at the left and a 5w Fender champion 600 reissue on the right.

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