Monday, July 29, 2013

Vintage Vibe Custom 001

I'm working on a few new pedals and finished the first of the batch; a mono vibe pedal build inside a wah-enclosure. It found a new owner ( Bas van D who also owns my 'standard' Tremolo 002.) a day after finishing it, so soundclips will have to way until I either build a new one or can get some recordings from him using it in his new band

Vintage Vibe Mono 001

Volume is preset at unity-volume, the two knobs are for Intensity and Chorus/Vibrato modes. It has a Cancel-switch at the heel and a true-bypass switch at the front. The small LED flashes with the speed of the effect, The big one indicates bypass-state.

True-Bypass is done with the switch at the toe-position controlling a relay.

Because preferences differ I have been thinking on how to make this pedal more flexible while still being simple to operate. I personally prefer having the bypass done with the 'Cancel' switch at the heel. This way moving the treadle forwards will turn on the effect. This is not true-bypass and thereby the pedal will color the sound when the pedal is off. This is the way the original Uni-Vibe worked, and you can clearly hear it color the signal even when not in use on Hendrix's Woodstock and Band of Gypsies recordings.
Having the pedal non-true bypass frees up the foot-switch's duty to be used for switching between Chorus and Vibrato modes with your foot, so you don't need to bend down and switch it by hand mid-song. This custom build however uses the foot-switch for true-bypass because that's what the customer wanted.

To make the pedal more flexible and not having the customer needing to choose beforehand between these two different options I am going to adapt the 'Mode' switch so you can change the foot-switch's function whenever you want. Simply put; where it normally had a 'Chorus' and 'Vibrato' setting it will have a 3rd setting that changes the true bypass-switch into a Chorus/Vibrato switch.
Another change I am considering is having a 'bright' switch incorporated to be able to toggle between classic low input impedance and modern high input impedance, and either a volume knob or a fixed voltage divider to compensate for the higher output volume in 'Bright' mode. These will be hidden underneath the treadle to have them out of the way but still be able to adjust them without needing to open up the pedal.

I also want to incorporate stereo in this pedal, which means having all the features of the Deluxe Stereo Vibe, but have them in a single treadle operated enclosure instead of having a main unit with a separate expression pedal. It is quite a challenge fitting all this inside an already tight space, but it's on the drawing-board.

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