Saturday, May 19, 2012

Liquitone 'Standard' Tremolo

First product; Liquitone Tremolo.
This is a very simple tremolo but what it does it does very well.
The LFO and Audio path are completely seperated using a lightbulb and a photocel.
great care is taken in routing, filtering and isolation of the power and LFO section so no unwanted hum or tics gets into your audio-chain.
The Audio-section is a discrete transitorized class-A design, working on 24 volts, to give you a very clear and open sound with lots of headroom. the Audio and LFO section is designed around the building-blocks of the Uni-Vibe.

This Pedal has only 2 knobs, Glow (which controls the brightness of the lightbulb, thus controlling the depth of the effect.) and Freq (which controls the speed of the tremolo effect.)

all is built on a turrent style board which is secured on metal standoffs.

sound-samples coming soon.

the price of the pedal is 200 euro's. excl shipping. You can order or get information by contacting me by email.
greetings, Liquitone

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